Peel 3D

Peel 3D

Powered by world-renowned 3D scanner company Creaform, peel 3D develops affordable and capable 3D scanners for a variety of usage areas. Drawing from the technology and experience from Creaform, peel 3D professional-grade scanners are the best option for anyone that wants to start 3D scanning and work with scan data in their preferred CAD solution.

Get professional scans in the blink of an eye

Featuring quick calibration, easy-to-use software, and rapid capture times, the peel 3d is very easy to use. Even with small complex objects, it produces reasonable results quickly, and its automatic parameters provide powerful options.

Boasting professional-grade quality at a competitive price tag, the device is targeted at customers simple, effective and more affordable 3D object capturing. Peel 3D is therefore designed to scan well without sticky points or external targeting points. Additionally, it uses white LED structured light technology, which is safe when exposed to the naked eye.

PLM Group offers three 3D scanning solutions from peel 3D. Read more below to find your best fit.

Peel 3D portfolio

Peel 1

A professional 3D scanner in its purest, most affordable form. It is perfect for the human body and organic shapes

Peel 2

Perfect for mechanical components. improved tracking, better geometry capabilities and enhanced means to capture colors.

Peel 2-S

Optimized to scan smaller parts. Its smaller field of view provides it with a whopping resolution of up to 0.1 mm

0.1 mm

The level of detail you can 3D scan with Peel 3D scanners


Number of measurements per second


Number of output formats, among them stl and obj

0.500 mm/m

Volumetric accuracy based on part size

3D scanning for:

Reverse engineering

3D scan defunct or broken parts, edit and 3D print for spare parts on demand or custom made parts.

Human scanning

3D scan to design and 3D print personalized orthoses and prosthetics for better fit.

Art preservation

3D scan and store invaluable objects or 3D print objects to create stunning, authentic replicas.

Quality control

3D scan your prints regardless of print technology to make sure they fit the bill.

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