AM-Flow solutions

AM-Flow solutions

AM-Flow is all about removing bottlenecks in postprocessing of 3D printed parts. AM-Flow provides you end to end digital manufacturing solutions starting right after your 3D printers have done their job. If you are facing rapid growth, labor and time for postprocessing increase rapidly. Therefore, automation is key.

Removing powder material from 3d printed parts at BMW.

Get rid of your postprocessing bottlenecks

AM-Flow fully automates your 3D-printing process, end-to-end. AM-Flow is an expert in the field of 3D-shape identification and a leading supplier of industrial machine vision systems and AI software for product- and process automation.

Combining expert knowledge in the field of 3D-shape identification, industrial machine vision and AI software, together with the integration of AM production-line hardware and MES software, AM-FLOW delivers building blocks to end-to-end automate the 3D-printing process, creating a AM production flow.


innovative solutions for postprocessing 3D printed parts


Number of parts per day when you can consider automation


Cost percentage for manual postprocessing of printed parts

0.2 s

Time it takes to automatically identify a printed part

AM-Flow portfolio


3D-part recognition in the blink of an eye.


Digital manufacturing at your fingertips.


The ultimate high speed, gentle touch, sortation conveyor.


Bagged & sealed, ready for shipment


Fast & gentle 3D print part handling.


Accurate, fast and custom series Identification


Moving your business forward, all the time. 24/7.


Optimizing your factory of the future, together.

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