Markforged 3D printers

Markforged 3D printers

Our partner Markforged has a complete line of solutions made to create strong, functional parts in metal or reinforced fibers. These are industrial grade 3D printers that constantly improve with a connected software platform, new materials and precision construction.

Manufacturing reinvented with Markforged

Markforged 3D printers allow you to print extremely stable and high-quality, three-dimensional parts – in the shortest possible time and at a fraction of the cost and with maximum stability. Get to know the new possibilities and benefits of professional Additive Manufacturing.

The Markforged portfolio consists of the composite desktop printer series and the industrial composite printer series. These offer ease of use and same-day, fiber reinforced 3D printed parts.

The Metal X is an affordable and accessible metal printer that doesn’t have any of the demands as powder based metal printers. You can go from idea to finished metal part the next day.

Combined with the intuitive and versatile software Markforged Eiger, this is a portfolio that cater to areas such as jigs and fixtures, functional prototyping and end-use parts.


Industrial-grade materials
and growing

540 MPa

Flexural strength of carbon reinforcement


Customers worldwide using Markforged


The material Onyx is 10x
stronger than ABS

Markforged printer portfolio

Markforged Onyx One

The FFF desktop 3D printer for tough, high quality Onyx parts.

Markforged Onyx Pro

The workhorse professional 3D printer for Continuous Fiberglass reinforced parts.

markforged mark two 3d printer

Markforged Mark Two

Flagship Continuous Fiber Composite 3D Printer, built to revolutionize your manufacturing operation.

Markforged X3

The refined Industrial FFF 3D printer for micro carbon fiber filled nylon parts.

Markforged X5

The commercial 3D printer for Continuous Fiberglass reinforced parts.

Markforged X7

The turnkey industrial carbon fiber 3D printer for many types of functional parts.

Markforged Metal X

An accessible end-to-end metal 3D printing solution for functional metal parts, next-day.

Markforged FX20

An ULTEM Filament capable large format 3D printer for big, strong, high temp parts

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